Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe
16.06. - 19.06.2022 | online
- 26.08. - 04.09.2022 | live
Monastery Schöntal
Schirmherrschaft Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth
Artistic direction Prof. Petru Munteanu | Organisational management Markus Meyer

Information, Costs, Payment

Class regulation

The prepared pieces should be equivalent to the level of a solo sonata or partita by Bach, a classical, romantic or contemporary piece for violin. Talented children and gifted young people are also invited to apply. The class offers individual instrumental lessons (4–5 hours), workshops, interpreting training and pedagogic lectures. Chamber music classes are possible. The best results of the students will be presented at several internal performances and in one public concert un August 21 (Schöntal Monastery).

Accomodation / Catering

The participants will be accommodated in double- and three-bed-rooms in the Bildungshaus Kloster Schöntal. Single rooms can be provided at additional cost. Costs cover full board (three meals per day) and one Drink pro Lunch and Diner.


Active participant
   The Application fee (no refund) for every participant is 100,00
   The Class fee and the Costs for Accommodation and
   full board (3 meals per day) all-in price 890,00
          Total for active students 990,00
   The additional Costs for single room per day 10,00
The Costs for mature companions
   The Application fee (no refund) for every participant is 100,00
   Accommodation and full board (3 meals) per day 65,00
   The additional Costs for single room per day 10,00
   The Costs amounts for listener       all time 100,00
                                                                 daily tickets 15,00

In case of withdrawal (at 2019 Juli 15) the Bildungshaus will charge the participant with the cost for lodging.

Application / Payment

The binding Application should be sent by 2020 July 15 to the given address. At the same time the Application fee. The course fee and the costs of accommodation and meals should be transferred by 2019 July 30 to:

Prof. Petru Munteanu
Stadtsparkasse Augsburg (keyword: “Meisterkurs 2019”).
IBAN: DE90 7205 0000 0000 0586 10         BIC: AUGSDE77XXX

Bank charges are to be borne by the participants.
Confirmation notes will be send by 2019 July 20.