Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe
22.08. - 01.09.2024
Monastery Schöntal
In memoriam to Professor Petru Munteanu

The Repertory (Structure)

The Repertory

of each age group has the following general structure:
  •  1st Round
    one piece from the Baroque period and
    one movement (or several movements) from Mozart’s works for violin and orchestra (with piano accompaniment) and
    one etude and/or caprice for violin solo
  • 2nd Round
    one sonata for violin and piano (all parts) and
    one virtuoso piece (free choice) and
    one short character piece
    additional for the 3rd age group
    one contemporary piece for violin solo
  •  Final Round
    one concerto for violin (all movements with piano accompaniment)
A mandatory selection list for all groups of work, except the virtuoso piece, is provided. Listed works can differ between competitions. All pieces, except the sonatas, must be played from memory.

Subject to change!
Patronage Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth
Artistic and organizational direction Marcus Meyer and Irina Munteanu
WÜRTH GmbH Stiftung WÜRTH ebm Papst Sparkasse GEWA Strings