Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe
25.08. - 04.09.2022
Monastery Schöntal
Schirmherrschaft Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth
Artistic direction Prof. Petru Munteanu | Organisational management Markus Meyer

Repertory 2009

2nd Age Group

First Round
a) One piece from
J. S. Bach                      Partita h-Moll (Allemanda-Double, Corrente-Double)
J. S. Bach                      Partita d-Moll (Allemanda, Corrente, Sarabanda, Giga)
J. S. Bach                      Partita E-Dur (Preludio, Loure, Gavotte en Rondeau)b) One piece from
W. A. Mozart                  Konzert G-Dur KV 216
(2nd and 3rd movement with cadenzas)
W. A. Mozart                  Konzert D-Dur KV 218
(2nd and 3rd movement with cadenzas)c) One piece from
H. Wieniawski                Ecole moderne op. 10
Caprices op. 18

Second Round
a) One piece from
L. v. Beethoven              Sonate D-Dur Op. 12 Nr. 1
L. v. Beethoven              Sonate Es-Dur Op. 12 Nr. 3
L. v. Beethoven              Sonate a-Moll Op. 23
L. v. Beethoven              Sonate A-Dur op. 30 Nr. 1

b) Virtuoso Composition, free choice (15 min. maximum)

c) One piece, free choice from
P. de Sarasate             Spanische Tänze op. 21/22/23/26/28

Final Round
One concerto for violin (all movements) from
M. Bruch                        Konzert g-Moll op. 26
M. Bruch                        Schottische Fantasie op. 46
E. Lalo                           Symphonie espagnole op. 21 (Sätze 1, 4, 5/1st, 4th, 5th movement)
F. Mendelssohn-Batholdy Konzert e-Moll op. 64
C. Saint-Saens               Konzert Nr. 3 h-Moll op. 61
L. Spohr                         Konzert Nr. 8 a-Moll (“Gesangszene”)
H. Vieuxtemps                Konzert Nr. 5 a-Moll op. 37
H. Wieniawski                 Konzert Nr. 2 d-Moll op. 22