Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe
25.08. - 04.09.2022
Monastery Schöntal
Schirmherrschaft Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth
Artistic direction Prof. Petru Munteanu | Organisational management Markus Meyer

The Jury 2013

consists of internationally renowned artists and pedagogues and obeys to the rules of competition and the jury. According to this, each member makes his decisions in best knowledge. The identity of the person whose age within the age group and the duration of his training will not be considered. The jury members will be announced to the participants, upon request, at the beginning of the competition.



Eduard GRACH  Russland
Min KIM Korea 
Adam KOSTECKI Deutschland / Polen
Petru MUNTEANU Deutschland – Vorsitz
Raissa Mussakhajayeva  Kasachstan
Paul ROCZEK Österreich
Ani SCHNARCH Großbrittanien / Israel
Weidong TONG  V. R. China (Beijing)
Li Na YU  V. R. China (Shanghai)