Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe
22.08. - 01.09.2024
Monastery Schöntal
In memoriam to Professor Petru Munteanu

Age Group 2

Participants born after September 1, 2006 but before September 2, 2009

a) One work from 
     J. S. BachPartita b Minor, BWV 1002
(Sarabande-Double, Tempo di Borea-Double)
     J. S. BachPartita d Minor, BWV 1004
(Allemanda, Sarabanda, Giga)
     J. S. BachPartita E Major, BWV 1006
(Preludio, Loure, Gavotte en Rondeau)
b) One work from 
    W. A. MozartConcerto G Major K. 216
(movement 1 with cadenza)
    W. A. MozartConcerto D Major K. 218
(movement 1 with cadenza)
c) One work from 
    H. WieniawskiEcole moderne op. 10
    N. PaganiniCaprices op. 1
(only No. 13, 14, 16, 20, 22)

a) One work from 
   L. van BeethovenSonata D Major op. 12 No. 1
   L. van BeethovenSonata a Major op. 23
   L. van BeethovenSonata A Major op. 30 No. 1
   L. van BeethovenSonata G Major op. 30 No. 3
b) Virtuosic compositionfree choice (maximum length 15 min)
c) One work from 
    P. de SarasateSpanish Dances op. 21/22/23/26/28

A violin concerto(all movements) from:
    M. BruchConcerto g Minor, op. 26
    E. LaloSymphonie espagnole op. 21
(only movements 1, 4, 5)
    F. Mendelssohn-BartholdyConcerto e Minor, op. 64
    C. Saint-SaensConcerto No. 3 b Minor, op. 61
    L. SpohrConcerto No. 8 a Minor (“Gesangszene”)
    H. VieuxtempsConcerto No. 5 a Minor, op. 37
    H. WieniawskiConcerto No. 2 d Minor, op. 22
Patronage Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth
Artistic and organizational direction Marcus Meyer and Irina Munteanu
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