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Prize-winners’ careers

Prize-winners’ careers

Examples (dated 2003)

Xenia AKEINIKOVA, Russia
(1st prize 1999)
Assistent at Moscow „Tschaikowsky“ conservatoire
Soloist – Moscow Philharmonia

Alena BAEVA, Russia
(1st prize 1997)
1st prize – „Wronski“ competition, Warsaw 2001
1st prize – „Wieniwaski“ competition, Poznan 2002
Soloist – Moscow Philharmonia

Ulrike BALS, Germany
(3rd prize 1988)
Teacher at Rostock Academy of Music and Theatre

Andrej BELOV, Ukraine
(2nd prize 1993)
3rd prize – ARD competition, Munich 1999
2nd prize – „Joachim“ competition, Hanover 2000
2nd prize – „J. Thibaud“ competition, Paris 2002
1st prize – Great International Competition of Musikgesellschaft München, Munich 2002
Scholarship holder of Stiftung Deutsche Musikleben

Nikolaus BOEWER, Germany
(3rd prize 1989)
Concertmaster in Ludwigshafen

Maxim CHOCHOLKOV, Russia
(3rd prize 1992, 1st prize 1993)
6th prize – Violin Competition Sion, Switzerland, 2002
Graduate of Moscow „Tschaikowsky“ conservatoire

Florin CROITORU, Romania
(2nd prize 1990)
2nd prize – „Kullenkampf“ competition, Cologne
2nd prize – „Premio Paganini“, Genua
2nd prize – „Tibor Varga“ competition, Sion, Switzerland
3rd prize – International Competition Pretoria, South Africa
3rd prize – International Competition Wellington, New Zealand
1st prize – „Kreisler“ competition, Vienna
Teacher at Bucharest Aacademy of Music

Albena DANAILOVA, Bulgaria
(3rd prize 1990, 2nd prize 1995)
Special prize „Tibor-Varga“ competition, Sion, Switzerland, 1996
Live Performances on TV and radio in Germany and Bulgaria
concerts in Bulgaria and abroad
Member of Bayerisches Staatsoper Orchester, Munich

Bogdan DUMITRASCU, Romania
(1st prize 1997)
Live Performances on TV and radio
Scholarship holder of Oskar und Vera Ritter-Stiftung
Member of Hamburger Philharmonie

Annette v. HEHN, Germany
(1st prize 1990)
2nd prize „Marschner“ competition, Weimar 1992
2nd prize International Competition Markneukirchen
2nd prize ARD competition, Munich

Juki-Manuela JAHNKE, Germany/Japan
(3rd prize 1999, 2nd prize 2001)
1st prize – „Henri Marteau“ competition, Lichtenberg 2002
1st prize – „Spohr“ competition, Freiburg 2002
1st prize –„Brahms“ competition, Pörtschach 2002
Special prize – „J. Thibaud“ competition, Paris 2002

Andreas JAHNKE, Germany/Japan
(2nd prize 1999)
1st prize – „Henri Marteau“ competition, Lichtenberg 2002
3rd prize – „Prager Frühling“, Prague 2003

Gaik KAZAZIAN, Armenia
(2nd prize 1997)
3rd prize – „Wieniwaski“ competition, Poznan 2002
4th prize – „Tschaikowsky“ competition, Moscow 2002
Soloist – Moscow Philharmonia

Barnabas KELEMEN, Hungary
(2nd prize 1995)
2nd prize – „Szigeti“ competition, Budapest 1997
1st prize – „Mozart“ competition, Salzburg 1999
3rd prize – „Queen Elizabeth“ competition, Brussels 2001
1st prize – „Indianapolis“ competition, Indianapolis 2002

Tomo Rafael KELLER, Austria
(2nd prize 1988, 4th prize1989)
3rd prize – Internationaler Bodenseemusikwettbewerb 1991
3rd prize – International F. Kreisler, competition, Vienna 1992
1st prize – „Stefanie Hohl“ violin competition, Vienna 1997
1st prize and Audience Award – International Brahms Competition, Pörtschach 1997
Prize of German Muci Competition Soloists, Berlin 1998
Awarded with  „Aalto Bühnenpreis für junge Künstler“, 2000
1st concertmaster of Philharmoniker Essen
CD at Ars Musici with solo pieces by Bach, Bartok, Ysaye

Hyuk Joo KWUN, Korea
(1st prize 2001)
1st prize – 3. International „Jampolsky“ competition, Penza, 2002

Lucja MADZIAR, Poland
(1st prize 1997)
2nd prize – „Postacchini“ competition Fermo, Italy, 2000
Special prize „Wieniawsky“ competition , Poznan 2001
Scholarship holder of Rahe-Stiftung and Jüting-Stiftung
Live Performances on TV and radio
Teacher at Rostock Academy of Music and Theatre

Bartlomej NIZIOL, Poland
(4th prize 1989)
1st prize „J. Thibaud“competition , Paris
concertmaster in Switzerland

Hartmut SCHILL , Germany
(5th prize 1990)
Founded the „Schill-Quartett“
Tour through America-Tournee and radio recordings
prize winner of „Mozart“ Quartett Competition, Salzburg 1996
Concertmaster of the CONCERTINO Ensemble
1st Concertmaster of „R. Schumann“-Philharmonie, Chemnitz
Member of Bayreuth Festival Orchestra

Katrin SCHOLZ, Germany
(1st prize 1988)
1st prize – International Competition, Tokyo 1989
1st prize – International „Kullenkampf“ competition, Cologne 19991
Director of Berlin Chamber Orchestra
Various recordnings
Professor at Bremer Musik Academy

Baiba SKRIDE, Latvia
( 1st prize 1995)
1st prize „Kotorovitch“ competition Chakow, Ukraine, 1995
1st prize „Jeunesse musicales“ competition Bucharest 1997
2nd prize „Premio Paganini“ Genua 1998
1st prize „Lipizer“ competition, Gorizia, Italy 2000
5th prize „Joachim“ competition, Hanover 2000
1st prize – „Queen Elizabeth“ competition, Brussels 2001
Live Performances on TV and radio in Latvia, Germany and Eurovision

Volkhard STEUDE, Germany
(4th prize 1990)
Concertmaster with Wiener Philarmoniker

Axel STRAUß, Germany
(1st prize 1988, 1989)
First prizes in international competitions in Usti, Stressa
2nd prize in „Lipinski-Wieniawski” competition Lublin
Live performances in Prague and Hamburg TV
Prize-winner „Tibor Varga” competition Sion, Switzerland, 1990
2nd prize „Enescu” competition in Bucharest 1991
2nd prize „Bach“ competition in Leipzig, 1991
Special prize ARD competition, Munich München 1992
Schorlship holder of Studien-Stiftung des Deutschen Volkes
Prize-winner of Deutscher Musikwettbewerb
Winner of  „Naumburg“ competition, USA (as the first German ever in this competition)
Professor at San Francisco Conservatory

Dalia STULGYTE, Lithania
(5th prize 1989, 1st prize 1992)
Prize-Winner of “Tibor Varga” violin competition in Sion, Switzerland, 1991
1st prize – „Wieniawski“-competition Lublin
TV and radio recordings
Concerts in Lithuania and abroad (with simulcast)
Concertmaster of Dresdner Orchestra

Nadejda TOKAREVA, Russia
(3rd prize 1997)
Assistent at Moscow „Tschaikowsky“ conservatoire
Soloist – Moscow Philharmonia

Alexandru TOMESCU, Romania
(2nd prize 1989, 1st prize 1993)
2nd prize – „Premio Paganini“, Genua
2nd prize – „Tibor Varga“ competition, Sion, Switzerland
2nd prize – „J. Thibaud“ competition, Paris
1st prize – „Sarasate“ competition, Pamplona
Soloist of Romanian National Radio Orchestra Bucharest

David YONAN, Germany
(1st prize 1993)
1st prize – International Ruggiero-Concours, 1995
2nd prize – International Competition „Vina del Mar“ 1995
Junior Professor in the USA

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